Microblading is a technique in which the the pigments are inserted into the skin using a blade to create hair like strokes that follow the natural hairs for a more natural & fuller brow.

Microshading is a technique in which the pigments are inserted with a machine to create pixels in which mimics the appearance of makeup filled brows.

Combo brows is a mix of Microblading and Microshading that used both techniques to create a more natural ombré brow. The microblading technique is used in the front of the brow and gradually transitions into Microshading.

1 – PMU uses a semi- permanent pigment that are specifically formulated for cosmetic use while traditional tattoo inks are intended to be permanent.

2 – Pmu is primarily used to for enhancing one’s natural features and often used for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes.

3 – The primary difference is the depth at which the pigment is implanted. In PMU the pigment is implanted into the upper layer of the dermis.

Yes, the pigments used are formulated for cosmetic use. They are free of metals, toxic pigments and microorganisms. They are also 100% vegan and cruelty free.

This can change from person to person depending on many different factors like activity level, sweating, skin texture, oiliness of skin, sun exposure, skin routine, and how well you follow the aftercare instructions.

This can change from person to person but can be very minimal discomfort. You will be numbed during the service.

I personally do not work on top of other people’s work and will not be taking appointments with pre done work of PMU.

No botox or cosmetic filler 2-3 weeks before or after procedure. Avoid facials with retinol, chemical peels, and suntanned skin 2-3 weeks prior to eyebrow tattoo appointment. No fish or vitamin E for one week prior to appointment. No alcohol or blood thinning medicine (Aspirin, Advil, Tylenol) 24 hours prior to appointment. No caffeine the day of your Eyebrow Tattoo. If you are sunburned, we will need to reschedule.

Contradictions include: under 18, uncontrolled blood sugar, pregnancy or breastfeeding, blood thinners, Accutane, steroids, active skin cancer, chemotherapy.

After the procedure is done your brows will be slightly darker than the actual results. It is important that you follow the aftercare instructions provided and let the healing process take its course.

Apply the aftercare ointment provided & do not peel any scabs which may lead to patchy unfinished results, infection & scarring.

A touch-up appointment is scheduled to check for healing results, color retention, symmetry, and to make sure the customer is happy with the results




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